If your HVAC system isn’t ready for the brisk temperatures of fall and the sudden plunge into Winter, you might find yourself on the phone at 1 AM making a no heat call to your local HVAC service. Regularly checking on your HVAC is the key to keeping it in good health, so let’s learn three tips for checking on your HVAC system before fall.

3 Tips for Checking Your HVAC System Yourself

Keep Things Free and Clear

The number one thing homeowners can do to keep their HVAC systems healthy is changing their systems air filters as necessary. These filters are cheap, available, and can make a big difference in a system’s health. Check your system’s air filters at least once every thirty days and change them out when you notice dirt, debris, or other filth clogging the filter. Regularly changing your home’s filter is helpful for your HVAC’s health and for your family’s health.

Homeowner’s Inspection

Though you’ll want a professional inspection to be sure your HVAC is ready for the shoulder season of fall and the throws of Winter, you can do monthly inspections on your end. Focus on all aspects of your HVAC but spend more time with your furnace or heating system, since that will be the system that’s coming into use. Check your ductwork for leaks, check your filters, make sure your pilot is a healthy blue color, look and listen for anything odd. If you find something’s amiss, write it down for a professional to examine.

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The Importance of Professional Inspection

Regular homeowner inspection can catch small issues before they become big problems, but ultimately you need your HVAC inspected and serviced by a professional. Before things get icy, a professional HVAC company like Front Range HVAC can give your whole system the once-over, service parts, and catch any issues before they result in big problems for you. Regular service will cost you a small fee but that fee’s much smaller than an emergency call and priceless for your peace of mind.

Before fall is an excellent time to inspect and check up on your HVAC, particularly your heating system before the mercury starts dropping. Regularly change filters, perform inspections yourself, and have your system looked over by a professional for the utmost confidence in your home’s HVAC system.

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