Unless you have a killer paycheck that you take home every month, you are going to be concerned with how much power you’re using every month, specifically when it comes to heating. Heating bills are a small amount of our income, but they can add up, especially when you think your bill could be lower.

There are adjustments you can make to tone down that heating bill, and they include small, medium, and large-scale adjustments. Let’s learn more about adjustments you can make to take a bite out of your utility bills.

How to Lower an Electric Bill from the Experts

Turn Down that Thermostat

We know you like to be comfortable, but a two to three-degree difference could make a big difference in your heating bill. Turn down the thermostat and put on a jacket.

Use an Electric Blanket

No need to heat your whole house if you’re only in one room during the night. Consider an electric blanket to heat an isolated area like your bed to cut down on heating bills.

Crank Up the Furnace

Before winter rolls around to have your furnace cleaned and maintained. This will give you a more efficient furnace that will cost you less.

Check for Drafts

Drafty windows and leaky ducts can cause energy loss. Check both the ductwork and windows of your home to make sure they’re keeping elements out and heating in.

Consider a Space Heater

A modern space heater uses much less energy than your entire heating system, consider one if you have your activities isolated to one area of the home.

Re-Insulate or Add Insulation

If you have an older home, your insulation could be old as well. If you feel like you’re losing plenty of heat, consider adding insulation or updating your insulation to a more modern material. Your furnace will thank you when it has less work to do.

Energy Audit

You could be losing plenty of heating around your home due to windows, poor insulation, or poor ventilation, and not even know it. Luckily you can hire an energy auditor to look over your home and make suggestions on where you can improve. This can include the furnace, too.

Upgrade Your Furnace

An old, inefficient service doesn’t do anyone any good. If your furnace is on the ropes, consider upgrading to a newer, more efficient furnace. The initial cost is high, but you’ll be saving money every month with reduced heating bills.

There are many ways to take a bite out of your heating bill; you just need to know where to start. Consider small, medium, and large-scale ways to give your furnace a break and see the results when your smaller heating bill comes up every month.