Here in Colorado, our summers can be very hot. 

In recent years, record high temperatures have been reported throughout the state. At the Denver International Airport, the mercury rose high enough to reach a sweltering 105° (Summer, 2018).

However, because Coloradoans only have to deal with hot weather for a few months out of the year, it makes sense for many homeowners to opt for evaporative cooling systems—also known as ‘swamp coolers’—to keep indoor temperatures comfortable. After all, because our climate here among the Rockies is arid and dry most of the summer, swamp coolers can seem superior to alternative cooling solutions. 

Evaporative cooling has pros and cons, though, and it’s a little-known secret that choosing a central or ductless HVAC system could actually be a smarter choice for both residential and commercial property owners. 

In this blog post, we’re going to explain the four most significant reasons why. 

Reason #1

Temperature control with swamp coolers isn’t nearly as accurate as it is with air conditioning systems. 

Are you someone who likes the indoor temperature to be set to a specific degree range? Perhaps you’re perfectly comfortable when it’s 68°, but if it creeps up to 70°, you start getting a little uncomfortable. 

Or, maybe you prefer night time indoor temperatures to be slightly lower than it is in the daytime. 

If you have an evaporative cooling system, there is no reliable way to specify exactly how cool your home will be. All you can do is activate the swamp cooler when it gets too hot and turn it off when things cool down enough. This results in numerous trips to the on/off button—trips that would be unnecessary with an AC system. 

Reason #2

Swamp coolers require winterization to prevent system damage, taking them out of commission for months out of the year. 

swamp cooler removal 2Many swamp coolers are installed on the rooftops of homes in Colorado. 

They also need to be winterized in order to prevent water transmission lines from bursting when below-freezing temperatures hit. This places the burden on the homeowner to either climb onto the roof and perform this task every year, or hire someone to perform roof swamp cooler maintenance.

Then, when the weather warms back up again, another trip to the roof is required to reactivate the evaporative cooler. 

Modern air conditioning equipment eliminates this requirement entirely. There is no need to winterize an AC unit. 

Moreover, when winter days warm up (as is often the case here in Colorado), AC units can easily be turned on to cool things down. You can’t do this with a winterized swamp cooler. 

Reason #3

Air conditioning technology saves money over the long term. 

It is true that swamp coolers cost less to purchase than AC units. 

However, it is also true that swamp cooler operation often requires window ventilation within the building in order for the cooled air to adequately circulate. 

Constantly having to open and close windows will invariably result in increased heating costs during the cooler hours of the day. What’s more, swamp coolers rely on water flow to operate, a feature that simply doesn’t exist with AC. 

Air conditioners use electricity to pressurize the refrigerant they need to cool the air. Swamp coolers use electricity to run the blower and water to cool the air. This makes AC systems much less costly to operate over the long term. 

Also, AC units often recoup their costs when the time comes to sell the home. Swamp coolers do not afford this kind of resale value. 

Reason #4

Compared with AC systems, swamp coolers are louder and less effective at filtering air.

Even though the swamp cooler might be installed on the roof, its operation can often be heard throughout the house. 

Modern AC units are often installed within close proximity to the home, but not directly attached to it. This results in quieter operation. 

What’s more, air filtration is more effective with AC systems, and there is much less of a mildew or mold problem posed by their use. 

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