During the summer months, saving money on air conditioning costs is essential. Whether you turn down the air, open the windows, or live in the pool, finding ways to keep cool and keep costs down can help any household budget. We’ve put together five ways to save money on air conditioning every summer.

5 Ways on How to Save Money on AC

Stop Cooling the Whole Neighborhood

Depending on how old your home is, you may be sharing your cooling with the whole neighborhood. Door and window seals crack and warp over the years, forcing cool air – and heat – out. Check the door and window seals throughout your home and replace them where you can to keep cool air in.

Place Your Thermostat in the Right Place

Often thermostats are placed out of the way and in a bad position to determine just how hot or cool your home is. When running your AC, that placement can make it run longer to keep your home cool when it’s already the perfect temperature. Consult a professional to determine the best place to put your thermostat for the best results.

Close Your Blinds before It Gets Too Hot Outside

Many homeowners open their windows in the morning and leave them open as the sun gets high in the sky. This just makes your home warmer, forcing your AC to work that much harder to get it cool inside. Close your blinds before the sun gets high and trap the cool air in your home before it warms.

Use Fans Throughout Your Harm to Circulate Cool Air

Ceiling fans can help reduce the temperature in your home up to ten degrees in each room. Oscillating fans, when set up strategically, can help, too. If you have your windows open, you can pull cool air out with a box fan in a window while bringing cool in the air with another fan in a different window in another room.

Keep that AC Temperature Uup at All Times

We all have that sweet spot between cool and warm that keeps us comfortable. Throughout the summer, slowly up the temperature at which your AC turns on and get used to a higher temperature in your home. As your body adjusts to the change, you’ll find you’re more comfortable at a higher temperature before your AC kicks on.

You can save money when using the air conditioning during the summer and warm months, you just have to learn how to keep cool in different ways. The above methods will help keep you cool, save you money, and learn how to be less dependent on your air conditioning no matter the temperature.