Jeremy Adams

Jeremy currently holds his Master NATE certification and specialties in all service and installation specific certifications regarding Air Conditioning, Gas Furnaces, Hydronics, Air Distribution, Refrigeration, and Heat Pump. He also holds his N29, F29, and N29 Master Mechanical Type A License as well as Universal EPA certification. Jeremy has a huge passion for educating his customers. He strives to present a customized solution to ensure that every customer is properly informed and able to make a financially smart and educated decision. Jeremy has a passion for continuing education and ensuring his technicians are able to offer the highest level of service. Front Range HVAC’s priority to offer the highest level of service to every customer.

Jeremy is a volunteer Firefighter and a Division Chief on a local Search and Rescue Team. He is married to his wife Lauren and lives in Castle Rock with his three Sons, Daughter, and two dogs. Jeremy is active in his church, and small group and in his community. He loves outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, shooting, hiking, camping, and snowboarding.

Office Manager

Sasha Ohler

Operations Manager

Adam Stelly

Adam is originally from Houston, TX. Adam and his wife moved to Colorado in 2013. Since moving here they’ve purchased their first home and had their first child! A part-time Weightlifting and Crossfit coach, he’s taken to exploring the natural beauty of Colorado and has grown a passion for hiking and snowboarding.

Field Supervisors

Ben Mackey

My name is Ben Mackey I have been in the HVAC industry for 4 years. My hobbies are fishing hiking and disc golf.

Mike Jones

I was born and raised on a farm in southern Kansas. I have been in the trades for ten plus years. I have certifications in HVAC and am a licensed electrician. I enjoy rafting and fly fishing when not working.

Service Technicians

Lead Service Technician

Jeremiah Easley

My name is Jeremiah. I am from California. I have my EPA certification, gas heating and air conditioning NATE certifications, F29 Master Mechanical certification. I LOVE fishing and baseball.

Lead Installation Technician

Mark Scofield

Lead Installation Technician

Michael Brenner

Lead Install Technician

Michael Kuxhausen

Lead Apprentice Technician

Isaiah Jackson

My name is Isaiah, I am currently attending Leonardi HVAC Training Center and will be completing in October of 2020 where I will obtain my NATE certifications. I was a Tinner for 4 years before getting coming to Front Range HVAC. I’m hoping to work my way up in the company.

Apprentice Technician

Bradley Lucier

Apprentice Technician

Mark McCarron

Journeyman Electrician

John Lewis

Office Staff

Tiffany Foster – Dispatcher

Carly Kangas – Dispatcher

Adilene Madera – Operations Assistant

Krystal Palmer – Office Assistant

Lindsey Torrence – Office Assistant

HVAC Design Consultants

Rob Torrence

Justin Kanaber

Warehouse Assistant

Timothy Piekarski

Tim was born and raised in Southern Louisiana where it is always hot. In his spare time he enjoys reading. He finds satisfaction when he is able to leave a house with a working system that wasn’t working before. He has his NATE Certification in Gas Furnaces, Air Conditioning and his F29 Master Mechanical.