If you live anywhere hot in the US during summer, you know that air conditioning is a must. Air conditioning allows the air within a residence to be kept in check, no matter how scorching it is outside. Your air conditioning system is made up of several different blades, wires, tubes, and other components that may break down eventually and steal efficiency from your system, so these must be checked on regularly.

For homeowners, this means a call to your local HVAC service for an AC tune-up. This is standard service for any system and will keep your AC functioning efficiently for years. As a homeowner, how often should you be getting your AC checked on and tuned up? Let’s fine out!

So, How Often Do You Need an AC Tune-up?

For most homeowners, a yearly checkup is what the HVAC doctors order. You don’t want anybody looking at your AC; you want a checkup by a local and certified HVAC service. For most homeowners, this yearly checkup should happen during the spring months before the mercury starts rising outside.

During an AC inspection, the technician will analyze all parts of your air conditioning unit and note any items that need to be replaced or need repaired, and in most cases, make the fix right there. The technician will look at all hoses, belts, filters, and other components to be certain they’re in optimal condition. The tech will also service any parts as necessary and tell you of any future work that may need to be performed or tips to keep your unit at its most efficient. After the HVAC tech is done with your unit, you will have the peace of mind it can handle the coming warmer months.

As stated earlier, most homeowners need a yearly inspection, but this isn’t always the case. If you have an older unit, or if someone in your home has respiratory issues, it might be advisable to have your system checked twice or even three times a year. On the opposite of that, if you have a home where the AC is only used sparingly, you might get away with an inspection every other year. The HVAC technician can help determine the frequency of tune-ups.

If you have an AC, you need it checked on, and yearly is the smart move. Sign up for regular annual inspections from a trusted and local HVAC company so no matter what happens outside, you’ll stay cool inside.