Air Quality Services in Denver

Front Range HVAC offers air quality services in Denver that can help mitigate poor indoor air quality. These include installation and servicing of air filtration and air purification systems, including our star product, the PuriFi air quality management system.

About PuriFi

PuriFi utilizes cutting-edge negative ionization technology to reduce particulate matter, allergens, and even odors in your home or business. Oxygen ions introduced into your filtering system cause these particles to stick together in clusters, allowing your filter to capture far more microscopic particles than it would on its own.

PuriFi also monitors indoor air quality 24/7, measuring harmful air particles as small as 0.3 microns. When levels of these particles get too high, the system’s generator kicks in, oxidizing pollutants via ionization to reduce indoor contamination by 99%.

The Benefits of PuriFi in Denver

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impose numerous limitations on commercial businesses–in particular, capacity limits that can spell out imminent demise for establishments already struggling to stay afloat.

The Denver Department of Economic Development and Opportunity has introduced a 5 Star Certification Program that allows businesses who go above and beyond to protect the health of their customers and employees a chance to increase their capacity beyond standard protocols.

This is where the PuriFi system can really make a difference for commercial businesses. Because it eliminates 99.9% of coronavirus surrogates from the air, installing a PuriFi system can help meet the requirement of Ventilation Improvement strategy as detailed by the 5 Star Program for gyms, event centers, personal services, restaurants, and general businesses.

As a commercial business in Denver, you owe it to yourself and your patrons to maintain healthy levels of air quality in your establishment. By purchasing and installing a PuriFi air management system, not only are you ensuring maximum air cleanliness, you’re also giving yourself a fighting chance to offset limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic that could otherwise drive your business into the ground.

Save on PuriFi Installation Costs with Front Range

Front Range is a licensed dealer and installer of the PuriFi air management system in Denver. Our passion for the purest air quality runs deep, and we fully and proudly stand behind this product–so much so, in fact, that we’ve installed it in every one of our team members’ homes!

Front Range offers the PuriFi system for $2,995. However, when you purchase a PuriFi system in conjunction with a new HVAC system, you can save $500 off your total cost! That’s $2,495 for a lifetime of the purest indoor air available today.

Poor air quality is a silent and invisible enemy, making it all the more dangerous–especially over long periods of time. Free yourself from the anxiety of wondering where your home or business’ air quality stands with a PuriFi air management system from Front Range HVAC!

To learn more about PuriFi, watch this video. When you’re ready to witness for yourself the incredible difference in air quality that PuriFi can make, call (303) 942-1372 or contact us online for more information.

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