In today’s modernized world of HVAC technology, it’s hard to talk about residential thermostats and not mention Nest. 

Nest Technology has grown into a full-fledged revolution. At Front Range HVAC, we’re seeing more and more requests from our customers related to this exciting new method of home automation, which is why we’re addressing Nest Technology in this week’s blog. 

After reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of what Nest Technology is, why it’s useful, and how to go about adding Nest to your own home. 

Nest Technology, Defined

Simply put, Nest Technology describes the specialized equipment and software used to run Nest’s proprietary HVAC control equipment. 

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Nest’s parent company—Nest Labs, Inc.—claims to offer products that ‘create a connected home’ by putting homeowners and residents in more direct control of their HVAC systems. 

The entire Nest product line goes well beyond HVAC, however, including complete, networked home automation solutions. Here are just a few of the WiFi-connected products available from Nest: 

  • Cameras. Nest WiFi-enabled cameras give you a 360-degree, 24/7 window into your home by serving up live camera feeds directly to your smartphone.
  • Doorbells. These aren’t your grandfather’s doorbells! Nest doorbells are equipped with a built-in camera that gives you a visual preview of who’s at the door before you make the decision whether to grant them entry.
  • Alarm systems. Home alarm systems on the Nest platform integrate easily with all of the other products listed here, giving the user a comprehensive, real-time status of the security of their home.

    Alarms can be programmed to automatically send text messages to pre-selected phone numbers, making Nest alarm systems great for multi-person residences.
  • Smoke and CO2 alarms. It was just a matter of time before modern technology made it so that you could use a smartphone to view the air quality inside your home. Today, you can with Nest Technology. 

Because Nest home automation components are designed to work with each other, the sky’s the limit with as far as you want to go.

Why is a Nest-Enabled HVAC System Superior?

nest thermostatOf all the Nest products we’ve seen, we’re the biggest fans of their HVAC thermostats. And, that’s not just because we’re an HVAC company!

Nest Thermostats are incredibly easy to use, highly energy efficient, and they can be installed and functional very quickly (with a little know-how).

Having a Nest Thermostat installed your home gives you: 

  • More convenience. Nest thermostats give you the power to control your indoor environment from virtually anywhere. As long as your smartphone is online, you can modify your temperature settings and make other changes, all within the Nest app.
  • Smarter HVAC operation. What if your HVAC system “knew” when you were gone, and adjusted the indoor temperature accordingly? That’s exactly what the Nest thermostat does.

    This feature helps to save on energy costs. It’s so efficient that the Nest thermostat often pays for itself in as few as two years.
  • A clean, modern thermostat design. One thing is for sure when it comes to the design of the Nest thermostat—it’s downright beautiful!

    Nest invested heavily into a thermostat design that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Users love the sleek, modern look of their Nest thermostat, and they love being able to customize their indoor environment from the palm of their hand!
  • Integration with almost all 24-volt HVAC systems. The Nest thermostat was developed to be as broadly usable as possible. According to Nest’s website, 95% of 24-volt HVAC systems are compatible with Nest technology. 

Nest Thermostat Installation

So, how does installing a Nest thermostat work? Is this something you can do on your own, or is it best to leave the job to the professionals? 

Truth be told, a Nest thermostat can be trickier to install than the manufacturer might let on. Because HVAC systems vary in style and operation, installing a Nest thermostat is not always as easy as just reading the instruction manual. 

Thankfully, the Nest website does offer a host of wiring diagrams, but as for actual installation assistance, it’s probably worth contacting Front Range HVAC. Our team knows how the Nest platform functions, and we’ll be happy to quickly and safely install your new Nest thermostat, regardless of where you purchased it. 

To inquire about having Front Range HVAC assist you with a Nest thermostat installation, contact us today by calling (303) 872-9060. Within just a few hours, you could be making your living room warmer without even having to get up from the couch!