As we round out our first 30 days of quarantine in Colorado, we’ve learned the steps to staying safe. By limiting outings, wearing face masks and social distancing, we are doing our part to flatten the curve. 

However, home services during the Covid era present a whole new set of questions. Is it ok to invite someone into your home? And how do you know that they are taking the right precautions? 

Here are four questions you can ask your service provider to help keep your home (and family) safe. 

1. What safety measures do you take with employees?

Keeping employees safe means keeping your home safe, so ask your provider what steps they take with staff. At Front Range HVAC, health and safety is not just a section of our employee handbook – it’s our way of working. We are part of the community. We raise our own families here, and we share a commitment to keeping Colorado homes comfortable and safe. 

In addition to our own self-quarantine measures when not at work, we provide our staff with gloves and a mask for every home visit. We also provide disposable shoe covers for each stop, and maintain six-foot social distancing before, after and during each visit. Our office staff are taking calls from home, limiting in-person interactions when possible.

2. Do you sanitize between visits?

Chances are, service providers have a number of home visits each day. While this is expected, it’s important to ask what steps they are taking between stops.

We have two levels of in-truck safety. Each day we use anti-microbial spray to “fog” our entire service vehicle, similar to the duct-cleaning technology we can use to clean the air in your home click here to learn more. In addition, between each stop we wipe down all tools, seats, steering wheel, door handles, etc., and change our shoe covers before entering the next home. 

3. How safe are you while inside my home?

Once a service provider enters your home, the desire for safety should be mutual – considering the needs of both employees and customers. In addition to gloves, mask, shoe covers and social distancing, we sterilize the work area before and after service, and quarantine areas with a plastic divider for service calls longer than two hours. We also mask carpet/flooring in the surrounding work area. This has always been our practice to keep your home clean, and it adds a literal layer of safety during these times. 

4. Virtual appointmentsDo you offer virtual services?

While your service provider may take all of the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of germs, a virtual service call is a great option that is gaining traction beyond the short-term. Ask if your visit can be conducted via a phone or video call. We provide virtual appointments for a new services, inspections, diagnostics and estimates. Learn more about our virtual HVAC service calls. Click Here.

Looking to the future, we are all hopeful for a swift (and smart) return to normal. When that day comes, we take with us a heightened appreciation for health, safety, family and – most of all – community. Thank you for making Front Range HVAC a part of yours. Safely schedule your service here contact us now.