The more efficient your home is, the more pleasant it will be to you and the more pleasant it will be to your wallet. Home efficiency is all about keeping the cool or warm air your home creates inside of it and not lost to the outside elements.

If you live in the warmer portions of the country, this is more often the fight to keep cool air in your home during the dog days of summer. Most homeowners are aware their attic needs to be properly insulated and examined to avoid trapping in warm air, but did you know your basement plays a role in cooling efficiency, too? Let’s learn more about the importance of your basement and cooling efficiency to help your home and wallet this summer.

How Do Basement Leaks Effect Your AC Output

Heat rises, and cool air falls, that’s elementary thermodynamics. This means, of course, that warm air will race to your attic while cool air will sink to your basement. That’s why your attic is unbearable and your basement a sweet relief during summer.

Stifling air will dominate during the summer, and if the home fills up with hot air, it could reach the basement and attempt to push the cooler air out. If your basement is riddled with tiny fissures, cracks, and other leaks, the cool air that your home needs will be pushed out of the home, filling your home with nothing but warm air and skyrocketing utility bills.

Just like you check your attic for leaks and efficiency issues, you should check your basement as well. This includes properly sealing the basement and ensuring that you are working with efficient insulation.

An energy efficiency inspection can be performed by a certified HHAV technician. These technicians will use a combination of tools like infrared cameras along with their personal expertise to carefully examine your basement and determine where your biggest problems of energy losses are coming from. Once the issues are found, the HVAC technician will help you plug leaks, seal cracks, and determine the proper insulation needed to keep your home at its most efficient.

When it comes to your home’s efficiency, all areas need to be monitored, not just the attic. Always check your basement’s efficiency with the help of a certified HVAC service to be certain you’re at your most efficient.