Having a window into the quality of your indoor air is absolutely crucial to overall quality of life. 

Indoor air quality monitoring is so easy to do that it’s often overlooked as something that ‘just happens’ on its own, even though that’s not necessarily the case. With the ongoing advancement in manufacturing technology, home and business owners everywhere can now obtain real-time insights into the amount of toxins, dust, and chemicals that are contained in the air that’s being breathed and distributed throughout the building. 

With as important as air quality monitoring is, it’s no surprise that a slough of advanced air monitoring devices have hit the market. In this article, the air quality pros at Front Range HVAC are sharing our thoughts on the best-of-the-best in advanced air quality monitoring technology. 

Modern Functionality; Enhanced Ease-of-Use

Indoor air quality monitors have come a long way, especially in the past decade. The indoor air quality monitors that you can buy at your local hardware store may not even look the same as the air quality monitors you grew up with, and that’s for good reason. These units are sleek in their design, they last longer, and they’re a lot more accurate than the prior-generation air quality monitors of the past. 

So, which ones are the best? Let’s have a look at the three most popular indoor air quality monitors and identify what sets them apart from each other. 

#1: The Awair Glow

indoor air quality monitor 2Awair did something clever when they came up with their product name. “Aware” spelled A-W-A-I-R tells you that this little plug-in unit helps to keep you “aware of the air”, so to speak. So, how well does it work? 

First and foremost, the Awair is considered a ‘budget-friendly’ indoor air quality monitor. It’s not going to come with a lot of the bells and whistles that you’ll find on more expensive models, but it will do a good job at reliably keeping track of the levels of VOCs, CO2, and toxins in the air. It features a night light built into it along with an integrated three-pronged power socket, so you don’t have to sacrifice an entire power outlet just for your air monitor.

If you’re looking for an entry-level air quality monitor that will easily connect to your IOS or Android-powered device, the Awair Glow is a great choice.

#2: The Eve Room

The Eve Room product is as handy as it is well-designed. This portable, easy-to-use air quality monitor slips easily into a coat pocket and does a fantastic job of alerting you to potentially damaging levels of toxins in the air you’re breathing. 

Eve, the maker of the Eve Room, touts this unit as being one of the most secure options on the market. The company claims that the Eve Room was specifically engineered to protect the usage data of whoever uses it. 

We like the Eve Room because it fits really well with a lot of other modern tech devices, and the enhanced portability is just icing on the cake. 

#3: The Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The name may sound funny, but the performance and value are certainly not! 

This is a serious competitor in the world of indoor air quality monitors, and the list of features that come standard on this model is quite long, especially considering how affordable it is. 

With the Foobot indoor air quality monitor, you get a professional-looking white case, easy connectivity to Amazon, Nest, and other home automation platforms, and this unit even supports event tagging and triggering. 

We really like the fact that this unit tracks PM2.5 (fine dust) levels, as well. 

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