A lot can go wrong with a radiative heating system if the boiler is not properly maintained over time. Even though most boilers are manufactured using materials and processes that help to ensure a long operating life, it’s still crucially important to make sure that your boiler is getting the maintenance it needs to operate optimally.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to have your boiler serviced every two years. In Colorado, where the winter months can be especially cold, boilers are taxed to provide more heat than they’re accustomed to providing at other times of the year. This is why most boiler faults occur right when you need heat the most.

Signs you Need Boiler Maintenance from Front Range HVAC

First and foremost, if you haven’t had your boiler maintained in over five years, it’s definitely time to call the HVAC professionals at Front Range HVAC. Even if your boiler isn’t exhibiting any symptoms of malfunctioning, it may still need routine maintenance so that costly problems don’t surface down the line.

Some other indications that your boiler need maintenance can include:

  • A loud banging or clanging sound coming from the boiler during operation or startup. This is often referred to as ‘kettling’, and it’s a common issue found with boilers affected by mineral deposit buildup.
  • Leaking, dripping, or pooling water underneath the boiler. We get more calls about leaking boilers than any other issue. Sometimes, leaks and drips can result from a boiler not undergoing a proper pressure or combustion test for years at a time. This is something we can typically address in a single visit.
  • Inconsistent heating or no heat at all. When a boiler sends hot water out to the radiative appliances in your home or commercial building, it has to rely on sufficient water pressure and proper water flow throughout the contained system. If you’re noticing a drop in the efficiency of your heating, you may need boiler maintenance from Front Range HVAC.

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What can go wrong if your boiler isn’t maintained? Quite a few things, actually; and almost all of them can be quite costly to remedy. Because boilers use hot water as the carrier of thermal energy used to heat the building, any breach in the pipes, casing, couplers, or joints can contribute to a complete system shutdown.

If a boiler goes without maintenance for too long, it’s only a matter of time before the volume of water within it spills out into the building, potentially causing extensive water damage. So, if you choose to neglect your boiler, you could be looking at not just the cost of replacing the boiler. You could wind up having to replace an entire floor and even some of the subfloor, if the damage is bad enough.

Don’t risk your comfort with a poorly maintained boiler. Call Front Range HVAC today at 720-617-0294.

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