When it comes to complex pieces of HVAC equipment, a boiler is not something you want to try to fix yourself. So, if your boiler is experiencing a malfunction, it’s highly recommended that you trust the proven HVAC professionals at Front Range HVAC to diagnose, repair, or replace your boiler.

Most boilers are highly durable and built to withstand decades of daily use. Taking advantage of a 100 year-old technology known as ‘hydronic heating’, boilers are a crucial part of any hot-water based, radiating heat system used to regulate indoor air temperature. Even though most boilers are manufactured using industrial-grade metals and coupling hardware, they will all eventually fail given enough time and use.

That’s when it’s time to call Front Range HVAC for expert boiler repair services in Colorado.

Front Range HVAC Knows Boilers

We are Colorado’s premier boiler repair specialists because we know what to look for in a failing boiler before it becomes a catastrophic

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problem. Some of the symptoms of a malfunctioning boiler can include:

  • Kettling”. The Term ‘kettling’ refers to the loud clanging or banging sound that older boilers can make during operation. This often stems from a mineral imbalance in the water that is supplied to the boiler. If left unchecked, mineral deposits can continue to accumulate, potentially causing thousands of dollars in costly repairs.
  • Pilot light or ignition issues. Modern boilers have done away with ‘always on’ pilot lights. Instead, to make the most efficient boiler possible, manufacturers have integrated electronic ignition switches that are only used when the water needs to be heated. With advanced technology often comes an increase in faults, so if your pilot light or electronic ignition seems faulty, call Front Range HVAC as soon as possible.
  • Leaky or dripping fittings, couplers, or pipes. Boilers can be connected to dozens of feet of transport pipes that run throughout a building’s structural features. Given enough time, leaks and drips will start to form. The good news is that many of these can be remedied fairly quickly and with minimal downtime, but be sure to call Front Range HVAC to address the problem sooner than later.
  • Insufficient heat, or no heat at all. If your boiler-based heating system simply isn’t heating like it used to, there could be a myriad of potential problems that need to be identified. Don’t suffer through another chilly Colorado winter without calling Front Range HVAC for expert boiler repair.

When the time comes to have your boiler repaired, rely on the professionals at Front Range HVAC. Contact us today by calling 720-617-0294, and schedule your on-site boiler assessment.

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