Homes that utilize a boiler system for heating aren’t typically outfitted with the ductwork that is required for a traditional AC unit. Even though the radiative heating provided by the boiler may be great for the winter months here in Colorado, cooling the home in the summer can prove to be challenging without central air conditioning. 

So, is it possible to have an AC unit installed into a property that doesn’t have the necessary ductwork? Or, are window units or ‘zoned’ cooling solutions the only options? 

At Front Range HVAC, we have encountered dozens of boiler/AC situations. Both commercial and residential properties can be equipped with either a boiler or a furnace installation with or without a complementary central AC system. Some buildings make use of swamp coolers (also called evaporative coolers) instead of air conditioners, adding yet more complexity to the picture. 

Because there are hundreds if not thousands of different building types, it only makes sense that there would be so many diverse heating and cooling situations for each one of them. But, with a little creativity and a lot of HVAC expertise, virtually any building—either commercial or residential—can be enhanced with a custom-tailored HVAC system.

Boilers and Air Conditioners Can Play Well Together

To address the question, “Can I install an AC unit if I have a boiler?”, we’re going to detail three potential solutions that can provide you with year-round indoor comfort. Not all of these solutions are going to be ideal for any single customer, which is why we suggest you contact us today to discuss your specific HVAC situation. 

Solution #1: Outdoor Ductless Mini-Split AC Installation

ac options for homes with boilers 2Ductless air conditioners are different from traditional AC systems because ductless systems are ‘split’, with the condenser being installed in a location that is different from the cooling coils, blowers and vents. 

With a ductless AC system, one or more refrigerant condensers are typically installed in an outdoor location on or near the home or business. Then, the pressurized refrigerant is sent via transmission lines to the endpoint vents where the cool air is needed. True to the name ‘ductless’, there is no need for costly, intrusive air ducts to be installed into the building.

What’s more, ductless HVAC systems can be exceptionally efficient, driving down cooling costs significantly for many home and business owners in Colorado. 

Solution #2: Indoor Attic Condenser Installation

With solution number two, there is still a ductless system installed, but instead of the condenser being installed outdoors, it is installed in the attic of a house. 

Because AC condensers can be loud during operation and because they require a vented heat sink to function, this solution may not be ideal for some homes. However, for homes with enough attic space and adequate ventilation, this approach to cooling can be a fantastic problem solver. 

In many cases, installing a condenser in the attic and setting up multiple mini-split endpoints can be sufficient enough to cool the entire home even on the hottest Colorado summer days. 

Solution #3: High-Velocity, Flexible Duct AC

Even though solution number three is the most expensive option for most homes or commercial properties with a boiler installation already in place, it’s also the most effective at ‘whole home’ cooling. 

With a high-velocity AC system, a single air conditioning unit sends cooled air through small, flexible tubing installed throughout the property. This tubing is insulated and engineered specifically for the transmission of cool air moving at a high velocity (hence the name). 

The benefits of a high-velocity AC system are numerous. These solutions are efficient, unobtrusive, and highly effective at battling the Colorado heat. Moreover, because the cooling vents and air transmission tubing are so small, no extensive remodeling work needs to be done. 

These kinds of air conditioning solutions can be ideal for retrofitting historic homes. 

Have a Boiler or AC Question? Call Front Range HVAC!

As you can see, there are multiple cooling options available to you if your home or business has a boiler system in place already. Ducted central air conditioning is no longer the only way to cool indoor air, and with Front Range HVAC as your contractor and installer, you can rest easy knowing you hired the experts. 

Got a burning question about ductless AC, boiler systems, or anything else HVAC-related? Chances are good that we’ve got the answer. Contact us online or give us a call today at (303) 536-1586. We look forward to hearing from you!