You may be able to taste it in the air, or it could be a smell that just seems to linger in your house no matter how many times you clean in the air, and why is everything so much dustier all of a sudden? When these issues crop up, the chances are that it’s your air ducts.

The ductwork of the home controls and guides air from your HVAC setup to the rooms of your house, and when they get dirty, every part of the home suffers. Let’s look into the primary symptoms of dirty ductwork so you can know if it’s time to get that ductwork cleaned out.

So, Does Your Home Need Duct Cleaning?

If you have noticed mold in any part of your ductwork, you will likely benefit from a cleaning. Bits of mold can detach and flow along in the air right into your home and into your lungs. Even trace amounts of hazardous mold can cause respiratory and other health issues. If you notice these patches of mold or other organic growth in your ductwork, it’s time to have them cleaned.

If there are large amounts of dirt and dust accumulated in your ductwork, cleaning should be in your future. Accumulated dust and dirt may not be as hazardous as mold but can cause other issues such as more dirt and dust in the air of your home, inefficient operation of your HVAC system, and can be a fire hazard.

If someone in your home suffers from respiratory ailments such as emphysema or asthma, they will likely benefit from a duct cleaning. Even moderate amounts of dirt and dust or mold can aggravate the symptoms of respiratory illnesses, so try to have your ductwork cleaned regularly if this is a potential issue.

If you a vermin or pest problem, get those ducts cleaned out. Roaches, mice, and other pests love to live in your home’s ductwork due to the relative safety and quick access to your home. If you have noticed a larger number of pests around your home, you should get a duct cleaning to shoo them away from your residence.

If any of the above apply to you or you’re just curious about the state of your ductwork, you should likely give Front Range HVAC a call today. We will inspect your ducts and let you know if you need a cleaning, and how the cleaning can benefit your home.