The expert technicians at Front Range HVAC do more than just heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. We’re also skilled in speciality electrical services for both residential and commercial buildings. 

Our suite of electrical services includes Main Service Panel Upgrades, and Sub Panel Installations.

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Main Service Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel in your home or commercial building has a critically important job: regulating the electricity that is provided through your utility’s power distribution infrastructure. 

It’s easy to take for granted, but this crucial piece of hardware is necessary for safe, reliable operation of all electrically-powered appliances and devices throughout your home or business. 

As buildings age, the electrical systems within them become more and more outdated. And, as the electrical load increases with more and more power-hungry devices and systems, the electrical service panel will eventually need to be upgraded to accommodate new power demands. 

Fundamentally, your electrical service panel is a centralized bank of circuit breakers that correspond to different power circuits that run throughout your property. Some of these circuits serve bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, and other locations where appliances like washers and dryers are used. 

It’s probably time to upgrade your electrical service panel when you start noticing flickering lights when certain electrical devices are turned on. Another symptom of an outdated service panel are tripped circuit breakers—your service panel will trip a circuit breaker when the electrical load of the circuit is too much for the system to handle. 

An up-to-date service panel will address these issues and help to bring your home or business into the modern era of electricity consumption.

Electrical Sub Panel Installations

Similar to service panels, electrical sub panels play a key role in regulating electrical load throughout a home or business. 

Often, the main service panel won’t have room for new circuit breakers when the time comes to have them installed. The use of tandem breakers is one way to to address this issue, but when that’s not possible, installing a subpanel is likely the best solution. 

The subpanel is normally installed downstream from the main service panel and includes separate bus bars for neutral and ground wires without a main circuit breaker. 

Front Range HVAC can assist with planning and installation of electrical sub panels wherever they’re needed in any residential or commercial building.

For Safe, Reliable Electricity, Rely on Front Range HVAC

Electricity is the lifeblood of your building. And, it takes extensive training and specialized equipment to properly service the electrical components we use every day. 

Front Range HVAC is your go-to source for electrical panel installations and upgrades, no matter how old your electrical system is or how long it’s been since it has been inspected for proper functionality. 

Remember that the older an electrical system gets, the riskier it can be to operate. Don’t put it off any longer—to learn more about how we can help modernize the electrical system in your residential or commercial building, contact our team today.

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