One of the most commonly overlooked areas of any Colorado building is the furnace and its connected ducting system. This crucial, complicated piece of machinery is responsible for keeping your home or business comfortable throughout the coldest times of the year.

As important as your furnace is, it’s not always obvious when it may need routine maintenance. Many homes or business owners will wait until they start noticing issues first before taking any action to have maintenance performed.

The reality is that there are many parts of a furnace that are designed to be either replaced or serviced throughout the lifetime of the unit. These can include filters, heat pumps, boilers, motors, and more. So, when is it time to schedule maintenance for your furnace? Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to have your furnace inspected by a qualified HVAC technician at least once a year. This is because many maintenance inspections can reveal potential issues before they become costly problems down the line.

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When to Call the Furnace Pros at Front Range HVAC

If your furnace is experiencing signs of malfunctioning, then it’s best to contact Front Range HVAC as soon as possible so that whatever is wrong doesn’t become a more expensive fix over time. Some of the key symptoms of a furnace in need of maintenance include:

  • Grinding, squealing, or thumping sounds coming from the furnace area
  • Foul smell or odor once furnace is turned on or activated
  • Lack of response from thermostat controls
  • Visible indications of corrosion, degradation, or damage
  • Inefficient heating in certain areas of the home or business

In many cases, furnace maintenance can be performed in a single, brief on-site visit from an HVAC technician from Front Range HVAC. In other cases, replacement equipment may need to be ordered first, which can add to the timeline. Whichever the scenario, the HVAC professionals at Front Range HVAC are knowledgeable about how to diagnose your furnace, suggest the necessary service work, and schedule it at a time that works best for your schedule.

Have a question about your furnace? Has it been a long time since an HVAC technician has evaluated the performance of your furnace? Now would be a great time to get in touch with Front Range HVAC to schedule your first maintenance visit. Contact us now at 720-617-0294. We look forward to hearing from you and bringing your furnace back to full operation in as little time as possible.

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