Comfort levels in a home are often dictated by temperature. “This house is freezing,” and, “I’m burning up, turn the air on!” are the most heard phrases dealing with comfort levels, but comfort in your house isn’t only about temperature, it’s about temperature and humidity.

The relative humidity in your home plays a significant role when it comes to comfort, and it can also play a role in the maintenance of your home. Let’s learn more about humidity in the home and what you can do to match your home with the perfect levels.

Tips for Managin Your Home’s Humidity

To begin, let’s talk about humidity levels and what is considered low, comfortable, or high.

The Comfortable Range

For most people, the humidity range of comfort is a relative humidity of 30 percent to 60 percent. If your home falls within those levels, you feel comfortable in your home.

Low Humidity

A relative humidity of 30 percent is considered low humidity. Low humidity in a home can cause dry and itchy eyes, skin, can damage furniture and other items (particularly wood), and can make you more susceptible to sickness and illness.

Fixing Low Humidity

Low humidity occurs more often in the winter when there is less water in the air, though this is fixable. Consider adding houseplants, placing water basins near your HVAC system, purchasing a portable humidifier, or having a whole-house humidifier installed.

High Humidity

A relative humidity over 60 percent is considered high humidity. High humidity in a home can cause mold and bacterial growth, excessive sweating, and discomfort as you peel your legs off your leather couch. If you think moisture is bad for your home, you’re correct. Excess moisture from humid conditions can take its toll on every part of your house.

Fixing High Humidity

High humidity occurs most often in the summer when the air is more saturated. To lower your home’s humidity, turn off all humidifiers, use exhaust fans, and consider utilizing an extra dehumidifier. The best thing you can do for humidity makes certain your air conditioning system is well maintained and in good condition. A functional air conditioner not only lowers the temperature of your home but dehumidifies as well.

Optimal Humidity

The optimal relative humidity for you, your health, and your home is 45 percent to 55 percent. Aim to keep humidity within those levels throughout the year for the best results.

When your home is at the right temperature and right humidity, both your family and your home will thank you. Grab an indoor humidity and temperature sensor to find your best settings.