If you have an existing air purification system that doesn’t seem to be operating optimally, a call to Front Range HVAC is in order.

No matter who manufactured your air purifier or how long it’s been since your last service, our HVAC technicians can evaluate your equipment, make recommendations, and perform all required servicing at a time that works for your schedule.

When Air Quality Matters, Call the Pros

At Front Range HVAC, we have been installing and servicing air purification equipment for over 20 years. We know what to look for in an air purification unit that needs servicing, and we have access to replacement parts if needed. In order to perform a tune-up on your air purification system, we follow these three steps:

  1. We schedule a time for an on-site visit to evaluate your air purifier. More often than not, this visit takes less than an hour, and it provides us with all the information we need to make a service recommendation. If an on-site visit isn’t required, we can typically have a replacement unit ordered and installed within a few weeks.
  2. The friendly Front Range HVAC technicians arrive and conduct the service work. This work could involve replacing system components, swapping out a bad fuse for a good one, or similar service work. Depending on the scope of the required labor, this vist can take up to 6 hours.
  3. We remain available after the service to ensure that the air purification system functions exactly as planned. If another issue comes up after we’ve done our service magic, we’ll be right there to address the problem and keep your air quality where it belongs: clean and pure.

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Remember that if you’re running an air purification system that is in need of servicing, you could be overspending on energy use while the quality of your indoor air suffers. Don’t go longer than you have to with an air purifier that isn’t doing it’s job. Contact Front Range HVAC and schedule a time for our technicians to pay you a visit.

Residential and Commercial, Big and Small Purifiers

One of the things that sets apart Front Range HVAC from most other service companies in Colorado is our ability to work on air purification units of all sizes. So, whether you need a small, residential air purification service call or a more complicated, commercial one, we have the tools, expertise and labor resources required to keep your air flowing cleanly.

Don’t wait until the problems with your air purifier grow into a more costly issue. Contact the professionals at Front Range HVAC today by calling 720-617-0294. We look forward to hearing from you!

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