Did you know that up to 99.97% of all airborne allergens can be eliminated with a high-quality, correctly installed air purification system? It’s true. And, while the Colorado climate is known for being relatively friendly for allergy sufferers, there are still seasonal allergens that affect thousands of Coloradans every year.

To help in the war against allergens and other ultra-fine particles in the air, Front Range HVAC is your first line of defense. We can evaluate your home or business to determine the best air purification solution for your specific needs. We’ll determine the ideal air purifier model, explain its operation, and make the overall buying process easy for you.

Air Purification versus Air Filtration

Remember that air purification is much different from air filtration. In fact, air purification systems often pick up where air filtration systems leave off. That is to say, most air filtration equipment is only designed to remove airborne particles down to a certain size. For the cleanest air possible, a high-quality air purification system is highly recommended.

air purification system

Similar to HVAC air filters, air purifiers send indoor air through a series of HEPA materials in order to screen out harmful elements in the air. However, because air purifiers are able to remove such smaller particles, the net result is cleaner, more allergen-free air.

The treatment of the air processed by an air purifier is so meticulous that it can’t manage the same volume of air that an HVAC unit can. So, air purifiers are often used alongside high-quality air filters in order to provide the best overall solution possible.

Do You Need Air Purification Equipment Installed?

The world of air purifiers, their installation, and their servicing can be confusing. There are so many different models, styles, and cost ranges, which is why Front Range HVAC is here to help you make sense of all the options.

If you have had the filter on your HVAC system checked, and it seems to be functioning well and yet you’re still experiencing allergy-related symptoms, consider having an air purifier installed. When you take the extra step in eliminating airborne particles, you’re giving allergens less of a chance to populate throughout your living and working areas.

Do you have questions about which air purification system is right for your home or business? Or, are you curious about the costs of having an air purification system installed in your Colorado building? Contact the air quality professionals at Front Range HVAC. We’re standing by right now, waiting to address your questions and get you on the road to cleaner breathing, every day. Call us now at 720-617-0294.

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