Most of us in the United States couldn’t get by without our air conditioning. Modern air conditioning systems and units can cool the air no matter the temperature outside and helps pack a punch against humidity. Your AC system can do a lot on its own, but it needs your help to perform at its best. This includes regular maintenance, inspections, and small steps to keep your unit at its most effective. You don’t use your AC in winter, but should you be taking steps to keep it safe regardless? Should you make sure your AC is covered?

Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner?

There’s only one time of year that your air conditioner should be covered, and that’s in fall. Why only fall? Because while your air conditioner is built to stand up to plenty of adverse conditions like wind and snow, it is not meant to stand up to debris such as leaves, twigs, acorns, and other debris.

That’s it, just fall, and only cover the top. We know what you’re saying, “What about ice or animals, can’t they get in?” Let’s review why what you think may be a problem isn’t.

What Your Air Conditioner Can Handle

Wind, Rain, Snow

You can have frigid winters full of snow with sweltering summer temperatures, just look at Minnesota. Surely all that snow, wind, and ice will damage your AC unit, you should cover it right? Nah. Modern air conditioners are tested in the most extreme conditions and can handle pretty much anything other than a trip to Antarctica.

Dirt and Dust

Dirt and dust are only an issue when your air conditioning unit is taking in air. When your unit if off, it won’t be sucking in any of that dirty air.

Why You Shouldn’t Cover Your Air Conditioner

Covering your AC unit can trap moisture and water within the unit, and that’s when you have problems with mold and rust. You may also think that a cover will keep small animals and rodents out, but when you cover your unit, you’re giving small animals a roof and making the unit more inviting. Keep things uncovered to allow air flow within your unit and to keep animals out, not in.

Your air conditioner can handle plenty of situations which is why you should only cover it in the fall, and only cover the top. Covering your AC during other months can trap moisture and advertise your unit as a prospective home for critters. Keep your AC uncovered; trust us, it can handle it!