In the world of HVAC in Denver and beyond, virtual (online) home services are a new alternative that is gaining traction beyond the short-term. While we go above and beyond with strict safety standards during the Covid era , virtual service calls are a great option to save time, money and peace of mind.

Technology requirements

Participating in a virtual appointment doesn’t require a degree in IT or a large technology investment. We simply schedule a live video call via FaceTime (Apple iPhone) or Google Duo (Android phone). We walk through your home together virtually, viewing and discussing your HVAC system in real time. If you have any technology concerns, we can help test prior to your appointment.

Types of virtual services 

We offer virtual appointments for a variety of HVAC needs including new services, inspections, diagnostics and estimates. We group video calls into two types of appointments:

  1. Virtual estimates allow us to assess, discuss and price HVAC services right from the phone. These appointments last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours long and include a full house tour. We discuss your ideal thermostat temperature and average utility costs, and asses load calculations (room-by-room heating/cooling requirements). Based on this information, we can determine your home’s unique HVAC needs, even designing custom solutions right from the phone.


  1. Our Teletec program provides an extremely convenient and affordable way to troubleshoot HVAC issues such as furnace service or ac tune-ups using live video calls. For a flat $30 fee, we problem-solve with you virtually, diagnosing and fixing many issues over the phone. If at-home service is needed, such as water heater installation, we dispatch personnel at no additional charge.


Getting the most out of your virtual appointment
Assuming you are confident in FaceTime or Google Duo technology, preparing for your virtual appointment is easy: 

  • Allow adequate time as scheduled. 
  • Ensure that your furnace, water heater and/or AC areas are clear of obstructions and well-lit to ensure clear video imagery.
  • We will summarize the appointment process in advance and recommend coming prepared with any additional questions you may have. 


As always, when on-site installations and repairs are needed, we have a full team ready and prepared to safely service your home. In the meantime, to set up a virtual appointment, call 303-536-1586.