It’s tempting to put off air duct cleaning. 

A lot of other, seemingly higher-priority household and HVAC maintenance tasks often get attention, first. After all, you can physically see the grass on the lawn growing longer, and those hedges aren’t going to trim themselves. 

Because you can’t see the inside of your air ducts, it’s hard to know if it’s time to get them cleaned. And, because the accumulation of dust, dander, and other airborne particles are easy to clean from the vents, what more really needs to be done? 

It’s time that we have an honest discussion about air duct cleaning and how important it is. It’s possible that this one area of the home—the insides of the air ducts that are connected to your furnace and air conditioning system—gets neglected far more often than other areas. 

Incidentally, dirty air ducts present a host of problems for home and business owners. These ‘hidden’ problems are very easy to resolve, thankfully, with a single air duct cleaning session conducted by the HVAC professionals at Front Range HVAC. 

So, why is it so important to keep your air ducts clean? What are you really risking in putting it off another month, season, or year? 

Four Reasons to Clean Your Ducts

Keep in mind that every day, multiple times a day, air is being circulated throughout your home or business through your network of air air duct cleaningducts. With that air comes a barrage of particulate matter that makes its way past the air filter on your furnace or AC unit (even the best air filters on the market cannot eliminate 100% of all airborne material). 

Over time, this airborne matter starts to build up. This happens especially quickly if air filters are not changed on a regular basis. 

As the problem gets worse and worse, problems start to crop up. Having your air ducts cleaned at least once a year reduces numerous burdens placed not just on your air-handling appliances, but on you, your family, and your pets. 

Here’s how air duct cleaning improves the environment within your home or commercial building.

  • Cleaner ducts mean cleaner countertops, walls, ceilings, fixtures and furniture. It’s hard to overstate just how cleaner everything stays when air ducts are also clean. That means less time spent dusting, mopping, and scrubbing.
  • Having your air ducts cleaned regularly reduces the amount of allergens and irritants you have to inhale. This is especially important for asthmatics or those who suffer from seasonal allergies. All it takes is a single, small chunk of allergen accumulation to become dislodged, and bam, instant allergies throughout the house.
  • You get less odors and stagnant smells when air ducts are clean. Ever wonder where a certain odor is coming from? You check the laundry room, closets, and crawl spaces, and you still can’t identify it…it could be coming from the air ducts themselves!
  • Clean air ducts help your furnace, air conditioning, and ventilation system operate more efficiently. Less dirt accumulation translates into less strain put on the motors that make your furnace and AC blowers work. The result is fewer malfunctions and longer lifespans for the expensive air handling equipment.

At Front Range HVAC, we’ve seen the worst of the worst problems that neglected air ducts can cause. For larger households with multiple pets, these problems can be experienced year-round, and all it takes is a single cleaning to resolve them. 

Does it Matter Who Does the Cleaning? …Yes, It Does!

Not all air duct cleaning service providers are created equal. To get the most out of an air duct cleaning service, only work with a trusted HVAC company that has an established track record of success performing this unique kind of cleaning. Working with a fly-by-night cleaning company that doesn’t have the right equipment could mean more harm than good for your home or business. 

Front Range HVAC has invested in the specialized equipment, technician training, and safety hardware necessary to perform a fast, comprehensive air duct cleaning that can be completed in a single visit, in most cases. When we clean air ducts, we take extra care to ensure that your furniture, fixtures, and interior surfaces are protected from contamination, and we even clean vents and exhaust areas, too!

The best news is that scheduling an air duct cleaning is easy. Just give our office a call at (303) 536-1586, and we’ll book your cleaning on a date and time that works best for you. 

With air duct cleaning from Front Range HVAC, you’ll be breathing easier in no time!