Do you need a new water heater installed in your home or commercial building? Do you want the job done right the first time? Then you need the help of the professionals at Front Range HVAC, your source for water heater installation services throughout Colorado.

When the time comes to have your new water heater installed, you have a range of installer options available to you. You could choose the least expensive, however least reliable, option by picking someone you know who just happens to know how it’s done. Or, you could spend hours going through the Yellow Pages in search of the right installer who fits your budget.

Save Time, Call Front Range HVAC

Installing a new water heater requires careful planning and attention to detail. It’s the kind of job that demands a high level of specialized

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training in order to be executed correctly and on-time. At Front Range HVAC, we invest in our technicians through advanced training and development that is specific to water heater installation best practices.

With every water heater installation project we take on, we follow a strict, 4-part installation plan. This plan includes the following steps:

  1. Prepare the area for work. This crucial first step is one that many inferior contracting companies often overlook. The water heater installers at Front Range HVAC treat your space just like it was our own. That means protecting your flooring and surfaces from damage during the project.
  2. Remove the old water heater (if applicable). If you haven’t already had the old water heater removed, we’ll take care of that for you. We will then responsibly dispose of or recycle the older unit.
  3. Install the new water heater. Ensuring a perfect fit, we will install the new water heater and make any necessary power and utility connections for you. We’ll also notify you if the job is going to take any longer than it was estimated to take.
  4. Test the unit and remain available for any future questions or concerns. Before your new water heater installation is complete, our team completes a multi-point operational test to ensure that every component part is functioning exactly according to the manufacturer specifications.

By maintaining a disciplined adherence to these four steps, Front Range HVAC stands head-and-shoulders above the competition. So, when you find yourself needing expert technicians to complete your next water heater installation project, save time, money, and energy by calling the professionals at Front Range HVAC.

Get in touch with us today at 720-617-0294.

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