Quality comfort control is one of the most important elements to staying cool during those warm summer months. Air conditioning costs can make cooling your house throughout the summer an expensive feat, and the performance of an air conditioner can leave you sweating the heat and feeling frustrated, instead of relaxing in a cool indoor environment. Evaporative coolers, generally known as swamp coolers are an eco-friendly option that serves as a popular alternative to traditional air conditioning systems.

So, What is a Swamp Cooler?

Residential evaporative air coolers use a fan to draw in the warm air and store it inside of the unit where it passes over pads that are moistened with water and designed to cool the air that flows over them. This process is shown to cool the air by up to 20 degrees before remitting the cooled air back into your living space and circulating it through the indoor environment. As the cool air circulates, it creates a continuous breeze that leaves your home feeling cool and comfortable.

A swamp cooler is different from an air conditioner or HVAC system because of the way it emits cooled air into your home. An air conditioner draws in the warm air, similar to a swamp cooler, then sends the air across a series of coils before sending the cooled air out into your home. When an air conditioner cycles air through the unit, the airflow that is returned to your home is recirculated air, whereas the cool air emitted by a swamp cooler is fresh, rejuvenated air.

Evaporative cooling is a cost-effective method for cooling indoor spaces simply and without hassle. Air conditioners are notorious for sucking the change right out of your wallet. Summer after summer, homeowners pay higher electric bills as a result of the energy required to operate an air conditioning unit. Swamp coolers are proven more effective in preserving energy, lowering cooling costs, and improving the economic nature of cooling your home.

Don’t be fooled by the name. Depending on the region where you live, it’s important to consult an HVAC professional on the reality of whether or not a swamp cooler is the best option for you. In order for an evaporative cooler to effectively heat your home, it’s important that you live in a climate with mostly dry air because swamp coolers are proven to perform the best during the hottest times of the day when the humidity is less than 50 percent. Swamp-like areas where hot and humid conditions are most prevalent is actually the worse place for swamp coolers to perform efficiently.

Hopefully, that answers the “what is a swamp cooler?” question for our readers.