Though it is a recent invention, it is hard to imagine modern life without the use of the air conditioner. Air conditioners help make spaces hospitable and comfortable, no matter the temperature outside. Unfortunately, just like any other appliance, air conditioners will malfunction.

No one likes it when their air conditioner stalls in the middle of summer but before you pay an HVAC company to look, you can troubleshoot small issues on your own. A frequent problem with air conditioners is the unit failing to blow out air, even when it is on. If you have a little DIY knowledge and the right tools, you can likely fix this yourself. Here are the steps to take when your air conditioner doesn’t blow air.

Some Steps to Take If Your AC Isn’t Blowing Air

This is a common issue and is likely due to a broken belt in your air handler. The air handler is the large metal box that is inside your home, not to be confused with the unit outside of your home.

  • Turn the power off to the air handler and the gas as well if it houses a gas furnace.
  • Open the access panel or door to the air handler.
  • Find the broken belt to get the serial number for a replacement. Purchase a matching belt.
    Slip the new belt onto the small pulley within the air handler. Rotate the larger pulley while pulling the belt onto it. The belt should slip into place. If there is too much tension to go into the place you may need to loosen the motor mount for some extra slack. Once the belt is in place, you can put the mount back in its proper place.
  • Check the belt’s tension with the manufacturer guidelines of your unit. A belt that is too tight or too loose could cause further issues.
  • Check the manufacturer guidelines to find out if you should lubricate motor parts and with what type of lubricant.
  • Turn the unit back on and check to see if the belt is installed correctly and the fan is blowing. If so, put the access panel or door back in place.

Just like that, your unit should be purring along again. If you are uncomfortable with any of the steps listed above, just contact Front Range HVAC to get your AC up and running again – no matter the issue.