Your furnace likely doesn’t see any use during the summer, but that doesn’t mean it should go unchecked. Summer is a great time to schedule furnace service for many reasons, so you should reconsider before the cool weather arrives. The summer is also a better time for this routine maintenance because it gets you ahead of the game. You do not want to wait until you need your heater to ensure it is in good working order. If cold weather rolls in and your heater is not functioning correctly, it may be hard to schedule an immediate service call, and emergency visits tend to cost more than work done on a schedule. It is better to be prudent and ensure that the system works correctly and safely before you need it.

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not follow the opposite season guidelines, so AC services are more prevalent in the summer. If you can schedule a heating appointment in the summer, you’ll likely have parts and service more readily available to you than if you try to fight the other homeowners who wait until winter to check on their heaters.

If your heater needs repairs or even replacement, this will give you ample time to receive great repairs or choose and install the best furnace unit. If possible, you always want to avoid emergency repairs or replacements, and our technicians can help make that happen.

When the winter weather starts to turn warmer, and you finally use your AC more than your heater, you may forget that you have been demanding heat from your system all winter. This is the perfect time to check it out to ensure it will be ready for next season’s heating demands. Your heater could even have undetected repairs like a cracked heat exchanger that could pose safety risks to your home.

If your warm air is delivered by a heat pump, then your cooling and heating systems are the same. In the summer, heat pumps reverse their process to cool instead of warm the air. This is another great reason heating maintenance could help your cooling process be more efficient and effective.

Your annual heater inspection and cleaning are important for many reasons, and there is no good reason to wait for the last moment to get it done. In fact, when you really think about it, it makes much more sense to do it long before it starts to get cold outside. Schedule your annual furnace maintenance early, and you can save on time, money, and possibly a whole lot of stress.

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